5 Benefits of Using Hemp Oil for Beard & Improved Hair Growth

One of the essential ingredients in our Indian traditional beard oil and a major component of our beard balm is Cannabis Sativa Oil. Now before you start to anticipate and tut-tutting or get overexcited, hemp oil is perfectly legal to use even though it is easy to confuse the legal hemp plant with the not-so-legal marijuana plant.

Legality for Sativa hemp seed oil

Many individuals misconstrued the difference between hemp and cannabis. The cannabis plant is rich in THC chemical which is responsible for the psychoactive experience on the other hand hemp plant is rich in CBD which has magical medical properties and has less than 3% THC making it non-psychoactive.

Hemp beard oil is derived from hemp seed oil making it a non-intoxicating and rich source of omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids which are good for nourishing skin cells and help rejuvenate your skin. Hence using hemp seed oil is legal and can help you boost the growth of your beard hair. Still, it is better off to search the local government guidelines before using hemp oil.

Hemp Oil Boosts Hair Growth

Human hair is composed of a protein known as keratin, which is responsible for hair strength and growth. Hemp seed oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids aka gamma-linolenic acids or GLA. All these compounds added to the protein properties of every hair strand can help enhance your hair and make them quite strong.

CBD hemp oil is also suitable for blood circulation which is also very important for sustainable hair follicle health. As the hair follicles become healthy, hairs also become stronger and longer. It is practically viable to start your CBD hemp oil regime early as men tend to shed their hair in their early 30s or even sooner. Even if you are experiencing hair loss it is still a good option to start using hemp beard oil to retain your hair.

Restricts Hair loss

Hemp oil is a divine drop of nature that helps prevent hair loss. If your hair strands are more brittle and dry, then they are more susceptible to break and hamper the reliable growth of hair that you are looking for.

Rich source of natural nourishment

Adequate moisturizing is the key to promoting new hair growth and preventing loss of hair. CBD hemp oil is a great moisturizer since it is full of vitamin E. This vitamin is among nature’s greatest moisturizers. It helps moisturize your facial hair. With proper moisturizing, your beard will grow longer and stronger, not only this, but it will also result in a shinier and softer beard.

Growing a beard can be easy but properly maintaining it can turn out to be a major challenge. A long beard can at times become very uncomfortable to manage as it becomes dry and very itchy. Hemp oil can also help manage dull hair, which allows you to style it easily. So if you are found of beard styling and love a fancy mustache, using hemp oil can make it struggle-free for you.

Skin Nourishment underneath the beard

The roots of your beard are as equally important as the outer beard hairs. The roots of your beard heir hold the follicles and play a vital role in beard health and overall hair growth, thus it is crucial to ensure the roots behind the beard hair are being cared for. CBD hemp oil travels inside the pores without blocking them, which in return helps in hair growth.

CBD hemp oil is optimal for treating skin conditions, especially for people suffering from problems like acne, itchiness, inflammation, dry skin, and redness.

Final Verdict

Having a beard is a new trend, but maintaining beard hygiene is not easy and may pull you back from growing your own. So, selecting the right hemp oil can help you in having a full, lush, and healthy beard. Choosing the Niche Hemp Co. Beard Oil can help you achieve your dream beard. You can visit to avail your 100% organic hemp bead oil right at your doorstep. Happy hemping!